How to use this site.

This site has several interconnected purposes: it is an education resource for children, parents, teachers and other professionals; it raises public awareness of the myriad untapped resources of children; it offers a description of what Big Wide Talk does, has done over the past ten years and can do in the future.

An educational resource for children

We very much want children to use the 'Archive' section as somewhere to view film clips of their own experience at a Theatre of Learning. Children love these glimpses of themselves and want to share them with other children. This will enable children to strengthen new perceptions of themselves as, for instance, co-operative or focused. At the same time, Big Wide Talk’s impeccable record of safety will underpin the children's expectations of this kind of internet facility. They will be asked to think about what they are comfortable with deciding for themselves and what they need adult advice and guidance with.

The Archive section is being built at the moment

An educational resource for parents

We very much want parents to access film clips of their own children within the 'Archive' section. For parents who were able to attend the Theatre of Learning with their children this will be a rich source for shared reflection and pleasure. For those who were not able to attend, the Archive will provide the opportunity for children and parents to share the experience, albeit virtually. Children almost always tell us they have had a fantastic time. The film clips will give them an equally fantastic tool to show their parents, friends and families what they did and why it is important. The Archive section is being built at the moment

We also hope that parents will feel curious about the other sections of this site for instance exploring the 'What we've learned' section to hear what experts understand about children's behaviour.

Parents in particular places will also be able to view the documentaries made for some of our projects and share these with friends and acquaintances, see 'Films'. Similarly those who have taken part in previous Theatres of Learning will be able to browse the 'History' section for an account of what was achieved in a range of arenas; international conferences, national seminars and in the depths of our national heritage in places such as The Gower, The Palace of Westminster, The Tower of London, Dartmoor, Kielder Forest and The Solent.

An educational resource for teachers and other professionals

Our aim is to build this site as a living resource for teachers and educators of all persuasions.

There are two main areas of interest, the 'Archive' and 'What we've learned'.

'What we’ve learned' comprises a series of dialogues with experts about their understanding of children’s learning and behaviour derived from close examination of clips from the Big Wide Talk Archive. The 'Archive' has more than 1400 hours of edited footage gathered since 2002 depicting children’s self-directed activity in a variety of arenas. More than 20,000 children have been filmed.

Clips have been selected covering the range of behaviours and learning styles exhibited. Experts have then been asked to provide commentary and to open debate on their views.

Teachers will be able to access this discussion within categories chosen by the respective experts. The richness of the children’s own enthusiasm and fascination are vividly apparent in these clips and related discussion.

'What we’ve learned' will open exciting possibilities for planning and the matching of children’s innate attributes to sought after standards.

On the home front, where schools and communities have taken part in a Theatre of Learning, teachers will be able to locate footage of children in their school or class within the 'Archive' section. They will then have material at this disposal for tracking and recording and they will be able to talk with the children about what is going on in the film and the deeper meanings that always inform the action. Experience has shown that such conversations can seriously unlock learning.

Raising public awareness of the myriad untapped resources of children.

We are trying to do this by making short films about our work, see 'Films'

What Big Wide Talk does.

See 'Theatres of Learning'

What Big Wide Talk has done over the past ten years.

See 'History'

What Big Wide Talk can do in the future.

See 'Theatres of Learning'