Coming Soon

Some sections of the Big Wide Talk website are still being built, but here are some developments on the horizon to look forward to:

What We've Learned

This new section of our website will promote in depth discussion for parents, teachers and other professionals. We are leading things off with a series of dialogues with Mary Jane Drummond, an academic of international standing, who will consider how the children learn and what they are learning when they are juicing, dressing up, collecting, filling, scattering, transforming and other seemingly childish pursuits.

Archive access for children and parents via our website.

We have amassed many hundreds of hours of film footage shot during Theatres of Learning since 2002. Some of this footage can be seen in the films we have made. All of the footage is stored within the framework of a searchable database, much of it edited into clips by the Big Wide Talk Team, parents and teachers. Our experience is that children adore seeing themselves in extracts from the Theatres of Learning they have taken part in.

We are now working to make many of these clips available for children, their parents and teachers. The archive is in development and will be trialled by some of the schools who took part in Our Bristol Children 2010/11 and the Morecambe Theatre of Learning 2009/10.

Clips will be listed by school or nursery and there will be the facility to comment and share with friends. Children always have amazing things to say about their explorations in the Theatres of Learning. We intend that this new website tool will enable them to take their understanding and awareness of the world further.