What people say about us:

"This was the best day of my life! It was better than Legoland!"

Joshua, age 8, talking to his Mum about the Cambridge Cloth Place

"These are Y5 children who can be challenging and hard to engage and yet in the Theatre of Learning they were all intensely engaged. Their enthusiasm for this self-directed style of learning has continued and has had a knock on effect across the school.Lesson plans can be linked to what the children want and need to know."

Vicky Dupras, Head Teacher, Avonmouth Church of England Primary School, Bristol

My daughter Hannah attends KIngsweston Special School as she is autistic. She enjoyed her school viist, so I took her again on Saturday morning to the open session.

We spent a great 2 hours exploring at the Big Wide Talk. Hannah's ability to communicate is limited. But that morning she was using all her abilities to the full and engaged brilliantly. She was the little girl who remembered the hat room. It was really enjoyable - and not a computer in sight! I can see that a lot of work and thought has gone into this.

I hope the project continues as it is a great experience for all children."

Natasha Parsons, parent, Bristol

"The films we have watched of the childrens' spontaneous dramas and nuanced characterisations demonstrate sides of the children and their inner psyches that could be deemed unfathomable as they have never displayed these roles before. That is why Big Wide Talk is so appealing and so necessary. Appealing because it allows children freedom of experience and necessary because to be a child, to act like a child, and be given the opportunity to act out their imagination is just superb."

Gerald Kloska, Headteacher, Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary School, Bristol.

"I was very impressed with the work that you are doing through the Big Wide Talk. It was apparent from the parents and young people we met how valuable a resource your Talk provides. I am sure that, as your information points out, there are more connected ways to establish and maintain a dialogue between parents, teachers, other care professionals and regulators."

Peaches Golding, High Sheriff of Bristol 21.11.10

“Kids were raving about it at school and desperate to come back”

Jones family, Shirehampton

“It’s truly amazing, so glad we came”

Martina Whitley, Parent, Westbury-on-Trym

"Gosh, wow and YES, this is absolutely of interest to me."

(The Cambridge Cloth Place) Rachel Snape, Head Teacher, The Spinney Primary School. Cambridge.

"Big Wide Talk works because people are treated as equals"

Ed Miliband, then Minister for the Cabinet Office and MP, in his keynote speech at the Co-op Party Conference 2008

"Our children have grown up with Big Wide Talk and it has become part of our identity. We think we can use this as a base for taking collective responsibility for the delivery of local services and for approaching hard to reach/isolated families. It is a fantastic way of providing the support we all need when we are struggling to bring up our children. We want to show people we are not just a bunch of mums sitting around drinking coffee."

Parent Researchers, York

"In my view, the BWT film archive is a priceless resource, not just for active participants in BWT local/national projects, but also for researchers and students at every level of experience and seniority."

Mary Jane Drummond, Writer and researcher, previously of the Faculty of Education, the University of Cambridge.

"This is an excellent way to combine science and art, as well as literacy, numeracy and social and emotional learning."

Ian Nimmo-Smith, Leader Cambridge City Council

"To see how the children fill spaces when they are given the chance is wonderful. We should think more carefully about the amount of space children can use when we build schools."

David Howarth, then MP for Cambridge

"This project will inspire young and old and provide an immediate touchstone for the future of Morecambe"

Stuart Langhorn, Leader Lancaster City Council.

"Big Wide Talk is seriously inspiring"

Lyndsay Grant, futurelab.

"Big Wide Talk has come to be an important part of our lives. These experiences have opened our eyes as to what we can do with our children. We have done many things that we never dreamed we could and we have told our stories in many important places. We feel that we are part of something important and get a sense of achievement from being part of something greater than the sum of its parts. The thing we all have in common is that we are parents."

Parent Researchers, Bristol

"The Big Wide Talk approach can improve parents' engagement in their child's learning"

Julia Gault, Head of Parental Engagement Division, Department for Children Families and Schools.

"I went to the website and looked at the fabulous documentaries on there. Really interesting stuff. I am looking forward to seeing the material and working with you further."

Katy Todd teacher Great Wood primary school Morecambe Lancashire.

"Big Wide Talk is highly regarded here in Devon. We know, first hand, the quality and importance of your work and the strength of your organisation's commitment to working with children and their families."

Anne Whiteley, Director Children and Young People's Services, Devon.

"This is excellent stuff ...reading [Our Outstanding Children] reminded me of what a fantastic time I had at St Columb Major School [...] Congratulations on the hard work and effort that has gone into making such a great piece of work"

Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green, Children's Commissioner for England.

"The school has benefited from both the support given by the parents and also by the growing understanding they have of how they can help their children to succeed at school."

John Lynch, Head Teacher, High Street Primary School, Plymouth.

"You have successfully engaged with a very large number of practitioners and parents over the discussion and documentation of what children actually say and do and it is clear that you have a valuable range of methods and tools that form a coherent process applicable to the assessment of individual children's needs."

Pauline Hoare, Senior Adviser, Early Years Foundation Stage, Primary National Strategy.

"I think a lot can be done with this kind of project to encourage both parents and teachers to understand the children's learning processes and also the amazing things they can achieve given the right environment and opportunity[...]I think what you are achieving is outstanding."

Matthew Taylor MP

"Big Wide Talk makes a positive contribution to the Government's parenting agenda"

Rt Hon Beverley Hughes MP, Minister of State for Children, Young People and Families.

"The experience has made me scrutinise the appropriateness of what we plan for our children & families.a wonderfully inspiring and thought provoking model. Just as we need time to reflect - so do the children. The other things that were so invaluable from the whole experience were the freedom and space that it provided. Thank you."

Anne Mortimore, Teacher, Bristol.

"The footage proved a powerful way of instigating discussion from first hand shared observation. Practitioners in early years settings commented frequently on how their findings changed their practice."

Roz Hipkiss, Education consultant and accredited school improvement partner.